Stolen Work


In December of 2007, there was a break-in at my Studio. It was obviously well planned. Everything of value was taken. I lost computers, files, camera equipment, art supplies and many personal mementos. My Studio was my home away from home for 20 years.

Worst of all, the thieves took most of the art there. Many stored pieces, spanning 30 years or more, that were never shown or meant to be sold, were taken. They were meaningful to me, and others however. I have no images of some of the lost art, but most of it is shown here.

To steal the tools one makes his living with is heartless, but to also steal his creations is beyond comprehension. It took many years of work to gain the skills necessary to create the Art, and then countless hours to produce them.

We believe the stolen Art was rather quickly dispersed across the country. In the year following the break in, we recovered one piece from as far away as North Carolina, so the work could be anywhere.

The last image is a study of me done by Jack Beal when I worked for him; very meaningful to me.

If you have seen, or possess, any of the work shown in this section, know that it is stolen.

I ask that you do the right thing and contact us.